SteamWox Products

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As brand designer for SteamWox Products Ltd., a new local manufacturer specializing in environmentally-friendly cleaning machines, I created all branding collateral, including logos, brochures, and the company webesite. I built a full customized WordPress theme to allow the client to have appropriate control of the content.

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The company brand strives to be clean, environmental, as well as sophisticated and high-quality. Based on this concept, I created the company logo, website, and other materials.


Since the company is relatively new, the logo is straightforward to emphasize the company name. I used shades of blue and green to emphasize the eco-friendly appeal of the brand, while the rounded logo font and soft steam-like shapes allude to the steam used in SteamWox cleaning machines.

Final Products

SteamWox Products Business Cards
SteamWox Products Business Cards
SteamWox Products Mobile
SteamWox Products Tablet
SteamWox Products Desktop
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